Thursday, January 12, 2017

One aircraft lost every 77 flights off Kuznetsov?

The Kuznetsov conducted dozens of airstrikes in Syria for more than two months. In some cases, jets from the ship flew ashore to Russia’s airbase in the port city of Latakia before conducting the missions. In addition, two jets from the aircraft carrier crashed during flight operations in the eastern Mediterranean in November and December.
In all, Russian aircraft made just 154 flights off the Kuznetsov in two months, a figure that U.S. officials believe speaks to the limited capability of the Russian forces.

We know Russia lost two aircraft in separate incidents involving arrestor cable malfunctions while trying to land on the Kuznetsov.  So that means there was one aircraft lost for every 77 flights off the carrier.  An astonishing rate of attrition.

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