Friday, May 06, 2016

Losing the war on jihadism - Harvard Gazette

Asked if intelligence efforts are affected by the recent chaotic state of U.S. national politics, Morell said he no longer tells people that terrorism is what keeps him awake at night since he’s left the CIA.
“The answer I now give is the failure of our political system here in the United States to make the kind of decisions that we need to move our economy and society forward — not to stop terrorism. And the reason that scares me so much is the most important determinant of a country’s national security is the health of its economy and the health of its society,” he said.
“Am I more worried about it in 2016 than I was in 2013 when I retired? How could I not be?”

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Two VBIED bombings: Kurds in deadly battle against ISIS suicide bombers ...

Daesh VBIED Blown Up By Peshmerga Near Mosul

Navy SEALs In Firefight With ISIS, 3 May 2016

Daesh VBIED Blown Up By Peshmerga Near Mosul

Soldier Shot in the Back, Firefight Ensues

ISIS Turns to Fish Farms, Car Dealerships For Revenue - I-HLA

The U.S.-led coalition’s air strike have crippled the ISIS oil-smuggling-based economy, forcing the organization to rely on fish farming and car dealing as alternative money generating resources,  a new report has revealed.
The latest figures released by market research firm IHS show that ISIS revenue has fallen by around a third since last summer, to about $55 million a month.

In order to close a yawning gap in the organization’s once-lucrative $2.9 billion oil trading scheme, ISIS has now increasingly turned to operating network of fishing farms in hundreds of lakes north of Baghdad, generating millions of dollars a month. Another source of income is the many car dealerships and factories which once belonged to the Iraqi government, but which have been captured by ISIS.
According to Homeland Security News Wire, ISIS has also begun to impose a 10 percent tax on agricultural products or any other food stuffs that enters the territory under their control....

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

HASC Bill Sets Up Major OCO Fight with Pentagon

WASHINGTON — The House Armed Services Committee’s defense policy bill, passed April 28, tees up clashes with the Senate and the Pentagon, chiefly over a plan altering the use of the wartime overseas contingency operations (OCO) account.
Top-line funding for the DoD in the House’s authorization bill hews to the top line for defense in the bipartisan budget deal, but reallocates $18 billion in war funding for personnel and big ticket weapons programs cut by the administration’s request. It also leaves overseas operations funded only through April, a tactic that banks on the next president requesting Congress approve supplemental war funding to finish out the year.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter made clear the Pentagon will put up a fight over the plan, publicly lambasting the HASC language as “gambling” with troops' funding at a time of war, calling it “deeply troubling” and “flawed.”...

-bth: It looks like the house is trying to load the budget up with pork in an election year and as a result the entire budget is going to a continuing resolution which is terrible for all concerned.