Monday, October 31, 2016

Irrigation minister says ‘Egypt has entered water poverty era’ - Al Arabiya

Egypt’s minister of irrigation and water resources warned on Saturday that his country has entered “an era of water poverty,” with a current yearly shortage of 23 billion cubic meters, Al Ahram newspaper reported, citing the MENA news agency.
“Egypt has entered the era of water poverty,” Hossam Moghazi said during a ministry event to celebrate the international day of water.
He added: “We have to rationalize consumption so we are accountable to Egypt’s agricultural, industrial and drinking water needs.”
The minister said Egypt’s current yearly consumption of water was about 83 billion cubic meters while its share of Nile water amounts to 55.5 billion cubic meters.
An additional 4 billion cubic meters Egypt receives from rain and groundwater....
With Egypt’s population expected to reach 150 million in 2050, the country will likely need an additional 21 billion cubic meters of water per year to meet its projected demands, Egypt's National Planning Institute has said.

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