Monday, August 15, 2016

Bergdahl’s lawyers say general burned letters, ask judge to cancel trial - San Antonio Express

Lawyers for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held prisoner by the Taliban for nearly five years after abandoning a remote Army outpost in Afghanistan and faces criminal charges for leaving his unit, on Friday accused his top commander of burning more than 100 letters regarding the case.

The defense, in a court motion, asked a judge to remove Gen. Robert Abrams from the case and to cancel a scheduled Feb. 6 trial because Abrams told Bergdahl’s defense team Monday that he burned the letters, which were sent to him by supporters and detractors of their client.

The motion also said Abrams, head of the Army’s Forces Command, failed to review a list of defense objections and comments provided Oct. 9 before he ordered Bergdahl’s trial, choosing not to read them because “he claimed it was written ‘for the lawyers.’”
It said Abrams “suggested that if the defense wanted him to read the submission, it should be written in ‘plain-speak,’” which one outside observer called a “legally fatal” blunder that could convince the judge to throw out the charges....

bth: its hard to imagine a general being this arrogant.  Bergdahl may be guilty as hell but he deserves a fair trial where evidence is presented and actually retained. General Abrams actions, which he justifies because the letters written in legal terms, are unsuited for this position and will set the stage for a mistrial or overturn. Dumb.

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