Tuesday, May 03, 2016

HASC Bill Sets Up Major OCO Fight with Pentagon

WASHINGTON — The House Armed Services Committee’s defense policy bill, passed April 28, tees up clashes with the Senate and the Pentagon, chiefly over a plan altering the use of the wartime overseas contingency operations (OCO) account.
Top-line funding for the DoD in the House’s authorization bill hews to the top line for defense in the bipartisan budget deal, but reallocates $18 billion in war funding for personnel and big ticket weapons programs cut by the administration’s request. It also leaves overseas operations funded only through April, a tactic that banks on the next president requesting Congress approve supplemental war funding to finish out the year.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter made clear the Pentagon will put up a fight over the plan, publicly lambasting the HASC language as “gambling” with troops' funding at a time of war, calling it “deeply troubling” and “flawed.”... http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/policy-budget/budget/2016/05/02/hasc-bill-sets-up-major-oco-fight-pentagon/83700074/

-bth: It looks like the house is trying to load the budget up with pork in an election year and as a result the entire budget is going to a continuing resolution which is terrible for all concerned.

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