Friday, January 22, 2016

Security researcher: Ukraine power grid facing new wave of cyberattacks - The Hill

Ukrainian power plants are still facing an onslaught of cyberattacks in the wake of a malware-caused blackout in December, according to a U.S. security firm.
“[On January 19th], we discovered a new wave of these attacks, where a number of electricity distribution companies in Ukraine were targeted again following the power outages in December,” malware researcher Robert Lipovsky wrote in a post on the blog We Live Security...

The U.S.’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team is assisting Ukraine in investigating the blackout, but it has neither confirmed that the malware was the principle culprit behind the blackout nor attributed the attack to Russia.
The team “can confirm that a BlackEnergy 3 variant was present in the system,” but “based on the technical artifacts, we cannot confirm a causal link between the power outage with the presence of the malware,” the agency said earlier this month.
Lipovsky warns that the latest wave of attacks, far from confirming Russia as the culprit, “suggests that the possibility of false flag operations should also be considered

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