Sunday, December 27, 2015

Evolving Reorganization of Syria's Army

Evolving Reorganization of Syria's ground forces

Creation of the Syrian 4th Assault Corp

 A new Syrian army corp has been created around a Russian model to exploit the emerging opportunities being created by the Russian air assaults.  The size of the corp is planned to be 60-100,000 though it is not near that level.  The corp is presently located near Irlib. See page 13 for more information.

 National Defense Forces 

There are rumor that the National Defense Forces may be eliminated or almost certainly reduced.  These have become increasingly sectarian and are unable to take new territory.

Heavier Use of Artillery

Given the protection from the air that the Russian air defense system provides, it looks like more Russian artillery is being  brought in and will be used heavily against urban rebel positions and positions near the Turkish border.

"Moscow is convinced of the need to strengthen conventional Syrian military forces and institutions and decrease the role of militias and the regime's dependence on Iran," journalist Ibahim Hamidi wrote in Al Hayat, one of the mostly widely read Arab newspapers in the region.

 One Russian military analyst believes the renewed emphasis on artillery made a major difference in the fight against anti-Assad rebels.

In a recent interview on a Russian news program, Konstantin Syvkov said more than 300 artillery pieces concentrated on a half-mile line outside of Hama produced a so-called "fire wave" that greatly aided the Syrian offensive at first. "This method consumes a lot of ammunition, but it is very effective in getting through fortifications," Syvkov said. "This allowed the breakthrough via the enemy defenses."

The biggest problem was the Syrians ran out of ammunition, including artillery shells supplied by the Russians, he said.

Reuters also recently reported that Russia might have at least one artillery brigade armed with howitzers operating in an area between the cities of Homs and Damascus.

Iran Puts New IRGC Commander into Syria

IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohammad Jafar Assadi. According to reports from inside the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), following the large number of IRGC casualties in Syria, especially the death of General Hossein Hamadani, commander of the Iranian regime’s forces in Syria, and injury to Commander of the IRGC Quds Force (QF) Qassem Soleimani, Khamenei who considers defeat in the war against Syrian people a lethal blow to the entirety of the velayat-e faqih regime is getting the Iranian regime and its Revolutionary Guards exceedingly bogged down in the Syrian quagmire.