Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Army Seeks Faster, Better Focused Acquisition - Defense News

General Perkins says "... "If the only dilemma you can provide an enemy is you target them, they stop becoming a target, so they may not coalesce in groups and may not wear a uniform or go subterranean," Perkins said. "We cannot afford one-trick ponies that only provide one dilemma."
In Mosul, Iraq, the Islamic State has provoked the US military with public beheadings, and uses cheap stolen trucks and irregular forces, Perkins said. True to form, the US has responded by dropping multimillion-dollar bombs on those pickup trucks.
"We may have won the tactical firefight, but what about the economic exchange ratio," Perkins said. "We have to avoid million-dollar solutions to hundred dollar problems. That doesn't put us at any advantage. That puts us at an economic disadvantage at the strategic level."...

bth: I think Perkins gave an interesting talk and it is worth reading the article in full.  My problem with the DoD process is that it is so slow that it cannot just keep up with a nimble enemy, it can't even keep up with the wars fought.  And the program of record process is so fossilized that any innovation really has to go through special ops community or a war fighting supplemental.  And to get a supplemental requires a war finding which Congress rightfully is requiring - or not.  Then you have the military so reduced in size relative to its ill defined obligations that we rely on private contractors in the field.  We would be better off relying more heavily on innovative small private contractors in procurement of equipment than in supplying meals to soldiers in country. The whole process has reached a point where it has nothing at all with winning wars but everything about endless process to the benefit on entrenched bureaucrats and very large prime contractors.  If we were to face a real adversary like the Russians or the Chinese we would simply be overwhelmed as our own process would choke off war fighting capabilities.