Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hear & Now interview with McClatchy on Iraq Jan. 14, 2015

-bth: Hear and Know interview with McClatchy Iraq correspondent Mitchell Prothero regarding recent ISIL activity against Gwer, the ineptness and utter corruption of Iraqi Army forces and the Kurdish situation given coalition air support.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Saudi prince: $100-a-barrel oil 'never' again - USA Today

Saudi billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told me we will not see $100-a-barrel oil again. The plunge in oil prices has been one of the biggest stories of the year. And while cheap gasoline is good for consumers, the negative impact of a 50% decline in oil has been wide and deep, especially for major oil producers such as Saudi Arabia and Russia. Even oil-producing Texas has felt a hit. The astute investor and prince of the Saudi royal family spoke to me exclusively last week as prices spiraled below $50 a barrel. He also predicted the move would dampen what has been one of the big U.S. growth stories: the shale revolution...

bth: the article is worth reading in full.  The implication for the oil producing states in the US is going to be like it was in the late 1980s - rippling through the O&G industry to real estate and banking sectors.  Also of course it is very bad news for the Russians, Iranians and Venezuelans.  Not to mention their financial parasites in Lebanon, Syria, Cuba will all be negatively impacted.  Nigeria will continue to destabilize. On the plus side, areas like east Asia, India, parts of east Africa may all benefit. It is harder to tell what will happen with southern European countries like Greece and Italy.  My guess is that Greece will default and the Germans will be happy to push Europe into a deflationary crisis followed by sovereign default.  The Euro was never designed to stimulate the economy, only to prevent inflation, so it was bound to fall into a negative cycle.  One wonders what will happen politically in Europe with deflation pressing wages downward, a banking crisis and chronic unemployment.  Will the fascists rise again in Europe?

French Police: As many as 6 Paris terror suspects may be at large - AP

PARIS (AP) -- As many as six members of a terrorist cell involved in the Paris attacks may still be at large, including a man who was seen driving a car registered to the widow of one of the gunmen, police officials said Monday.
Two French police officials told The Associated Press that authorities were searching the Paris area for the Mini Cooper registered to Hayat Boumeddiene, the widow of Amedy Coulibaly. Turkish officials say she is now in Syria.....

Ceasefire Is Over: Artillery Shellings In Donetsk At Night, Jan 11 2015

Russian Artillery Shelling Of Ukrainian Force Positions In Donetsk Oblas...