Monday, December 07, 2015

Syrian refugees numbers higher than reported; ethnic cleansing rampant - Washington Times

The number of Syrian refugees is actually some 20 percent higher than the 4.2 million cited by the United Nations and is expected to "increase sharply" during the months ahead, according to a new analysis published this week.
The analysis by The Washington Institute for Near East Policy also says "ethnic cleansing" is rampant among various different factions fighting in the nation's multi-front civil war.
The U.N.'s refugee numbers are inaccurate because more than a million fleeing Syrians have refused to "register for fear of being arrested and taken back to Syria ... while many wealthy refugees do not see the point of registering," according to the analysis, which says a "more realistic estimate of total refugees is 5.3 million."...

-bth: refugee crisis from Syria larger by 20% than prior estimates and driven by ethnic cleansing.


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