Thursday, December 10, 2015

Energy ties, anti-terror cooperation top Iraqi Kurdish leader's visit to Turkey - Daily Sabah

.... KRG officials have said that they are ready to meet Turkey's natural gas needs. The head of the KRG Parliamentary Committee for Industry and Energy, Sherko Jawdat, said on Sunday that Turkey and the KRG have a strategic agreement on the delivery of gas in 2017.

"Kurdish gas will reach Europe via Turkey. The Kurdish region can fill the gap created by Russia's gas cut-off to Europe," Jawdat said.

Gas reserves in Irbil, Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah are estimated to be more than 1.7 trillion cubic meters, but will reach up to near 2.4 trillion cubic meters if the disputed areas between the KRG and central Iraqi government in Baghdad, including Kirkuk, are made available for use.

Additionally, the head of the Energy Committee of Sulaymaniyah, Galip Muhammed, said Sulaymaniyah is the richest province in the region in terms of gas reserves, holding 1.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas alone."Sulaymaniyah has almost 80 percent of the natural gas reserves of the KRG," he said, adding that Sulaymaniyah's gas has the best quality in the region, but has not been evaluated yet.

-bth: the implication to all this is that Barzani and the Erdogan family have worked out a political and economic alliance.  Further it may mean that Kurdish natural gas would supply Turkey replacing Russian and Iranian sources in time and also that it would lead to an alternative gas source for Europe via Turkey.

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