Thursday, November 26, 2015

Coalition: Islamic State truck bombs losing effectiveness in Iraq -Stars & Stripes

... In the past, Warren said the truck bombs had been a highly reliable way for the militants to attack Iraqi positions, effectively causing some level of havoc nearly 99 percent of the time they were deployed.
“The enemy (would) take a vehicle, they’ll bolt on extra pieces of metal around it, they’ll stuff it full of explosives, and they’ll try to drive it into the flank of ISF formation to create confusion and panic and mayhem,” Warren told reporters at the Pentagon in a teleconference. “Early on it was working. That’s exactly what was happening, but the Iraqi Security Forces have adapted.”
Iraqi soldiers have effectively used American- and German-supplied anti-tank weapons – primarily shoulder-fired AT4 systems – to destroy incoming truck bombs, Warren said. But he also credited improved intelligence-gathering with greatly impacting the Islamic State’s ability to use the weapons....

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