Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tony Blair Iraq war apology: Families of dead soldiers describe 'revulsion' at former PM's 'spin operation’ - Independent

Families of soldiers killed in the Iraq war have described their “revulsion” towards Tony Blair’s televised apology and warned his comments are part of a “spin operation” ahead of the publication of the Chilcot report.
During a CNN interview, Mr Blair apologised for aspects of the Iraq war, including saying sorry that the intelligence behind the 2003 attack against Saddam Hussein’s regime was wrong, and admitting mistakes had taken place in the planning of the operation.

bth: I totally agree with the British KIA parents.  They cannot understand how he can sleep at night.  Also they realize that this is part of an effort by Mr. Blair at spin control because a report is quickly coming out that indicates how complicit he was in the Iraq war.  As usual bad political leaders will blame their bullshit decision on the intelligence service that cannot comment back.  It should remembers that he is also bought and paid for by Gazprom.

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