Thursday, October 22, 2015

Syrian Kurds look to take Raqqa with new Arab force as allies - Middle East Eye

....A YPG spokesperson told McClatchy that the Syrian-Turkish border town of Jarabulus, not Raqqa, is the primary objective. The border town is some 25 kilometres west of Kobane and 100 kilometres northwest of Raqqa but Kurdish officials say the two towns are interlinked.
“We cannot capture Jarabulus without taking Raqqa, After that we can create one canton administration,” said Heval Nemir, a 25-year-old YPG fighter.
One of the main priorities of the Kurds is to link the encircled enclave of Efrin, northwest of Aleppo, with Kobane, by clearing out IS villages around the Syrian-Turkish border on the other side of the Euphrates river, including Jarabulus. They would also like to secure their southern borders against IS attacks.
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-bth: the article goes into speculation about next targets being Raqqa or perhaps Jarabulus or others.  From what I can tell I would guess Jarabulus.

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