Thursday, October 22, 2015

At least 35,000 displaced from Aleppo as Russian bombing continues - Middle East Eye

However, medical staff from local organizations working in the area said that at least 70,000 people are thought to be on the move in the southern Aleppo countryside.

350,000-strong exodus by the weekend? 

Turkish security sources have now also claimed that they expected the number of refugees leaving Aleppo province to increase to 350,000 by the weekend if the airstrikes continue, with a number of these people being expected to reach Turkey’s border, Turkish opposition daily Hurriyet reported on Wednesday.

Syria Turkmen Council President Abdurrahman Mustafa also confirmed 50,000 people have left the city and were heading to Turkey.

“A major migration has started from the south of Aleppo. Turkmens are in the rural and northern part of the city. The migration will be larger when the regime forces reach here," he told Hurriyet.
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-bth: this report indicates that the refugee traffic would be a solid indicator of pending conflict at the local level.

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