Thursday, August 27, 2015

Centcom Defends Skewing ISIS War Intel -

While most of the Pentagon is going out of its way to avoid comment on yesterday’s revelation of an ongoing inspectors general investigation into deliberate “skewing” of intelligence assessments on the ISIS war by Centcom, the Central Command itself is defiant, insisting that it acted entirely appropriately in its reports ...

The inspectors general also appear to be giving credence to the DIA complaints, as reports are that they formally informed the Congressional intelligence committees of the possibility that the reports they’ve been getting on the ISIS war were deliberately “reworked” to sound more upbeat than reality, and upgraded their initial inquiry into a full-scale investigation.
That so many in the Pentagon are so eager to avoid comment underscores that this inquiry goes well beyond usual cross-agency disagreements, and into serious doubts about whether or not the intelligence being produced on one of America’s largest wars is being deliberately altered to make the war sound like less of a failure.

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