Monday, July 06, 2015

Why US Human Intelligence on ISIS so bad given all the hate ISIS generates?

Here is an article that says ISIS has abducted 1400+ children and arrested the parents that protested.
"( Nineveh – An official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party said Sunday, that the ISIS militants kidnapped 111 children from the city of Mosul and has entered them in military and intellectual training, noting that the ISIS abducted more than 1420 children since last year in order to use them in terrorist and intelligence operations.
Saeed Mamouzini, an official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, stated in a interview for, “The ISIS kidnapped 111 children from Mosul City and entered them in military and intellectual training,” pointing out that, “The children are aged between 10 and 15 years old.”
He also added, “The ISIS militants has detained 78 parents of the abducted children for the opposition to the kidnapping of their children,” indicating that, “ISIS kidnapped more than 1420 since its control over Mosul and has trained them militarily and intellectually.”

So with hundreds if not thousands of families seeing their loved ones abducted by ISIS, held hostage or brutalized, why is US human intelligence so evidently bad in Sunni Iraq? If ever a group could generate retaliation it would be ISIS.

Perhaps ISIS has very deep popular support in Sunni Iraq.  Perhaps ISIS has utterly terrorized the population. For an occupying army the US performance at absolutely historic levels of sensitivity to the local populations and surely we had and continue to have good relations with thousands of people in areas now ISIS dominated or threatened.

Yet even with families abducted and traumatized by ISIS, the US (at least publicly) doesn't seem to have a clue about how to take ISIS down -  Guesses on number of combatants, financial structure, organization structure (political and military), differences between Syrian and Iraqi ISIS, troop concentrations, headquarters, stolen tank locations and so on are just abysmal by every indication.

If congressional testimony is to be believed we are left to third party sources, Jordanians, Iraqi government, Kurds, Turks all of whom have other agendas with only partially congruent interests. This is after spending a decade there.

Perhaps it really is the case that the local Sunnis prefer the terror of ISIS to the terror and injustice of Shia gangs and corrupt Iraqi government officials. If so wouldn't that taint all human intelligence sources?  One is left to wonder why and why not.

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