Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BBC News - Thailand blasts: 'Iranian' bomber injured in Bangkok

BBC News - Thailand blasts: 'Iranian' bomber injured in Bangkok

A man thought to be Iranian has had both legs blown off after attempting to throw a bomb at police in the Thai capital, Bangkok, officials said.

Two other explosions were reported in the same busy commercial district of the city, injuring four other people.

Police said one blast took place at the house the injured man rented with other Iranians. One of those men also threw a bomb at a taxi in the capital.

Last month the US embassy warned of possible attacks in Bangkok.

The blasts come just a day after two bomb attacks targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.

Israel has accused Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah of orchestrating the attacks. Iran denied the allegations....

-bth: the article is actually kind of funny. One of the guys tries to hail a taxi and when the taxi refused to stop for him, he threw a bomb at it and accidentally blew his own legs off.

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