Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Remember Us" by New England Cable News NECN

Earlier in 2007 we participated in the creation of "Remember Us" produced by NECN which aired on Veterans Day 2007. It was previewed by several hundred Gold Star family members from greater New England including us on the Friday before Veterans Day at Northeastern University. At times the audience sat in total silence for minutes on end, at others there were audible gasps. There were tears and in the end a standing ovation for Iris.

We agreed to participate because of our deep admiration for Exec. Editor Iris Adler. NECN has taken the time and spent the money to cover all service members killed in greater New England and I have appreciated the fact that they were willing to tell the story of these soldiers and marines - who they were, what they did and why. But most of all, we saw Iris Adler do a powerful and sensitive documentary on PTSD last year called "Hidden Wounds" which focused on the Lucey family among others. It was their story and Iris' ability to let it tell itself that convinced us to agree to participate.

For us it was showing a wound that will not heal. Also it was about wanting others to remember who PFC John D. Hart was and what he did so that he and others like Lance Corporal Travis Desiato his high school friend who died this day three years ago in Fallujah will not be forgotten. Our story is told in Section 8 of this 90 minute documentary.

"Remember Us" should be required viewing for high school juniors and seniors. They need to understand what those a year older than themselves are capable of achieving; what honor and duty mean in a world of lies and deceptions; what self sacrifice means. Those who see this documentary will remember and reaffirm what Veterans Day and Memorial Day means to us as a family and as a country.

A portion of our story, about John D. Hart, is told in a ten minute clip found on Section 8 of the video clips linked here. I encourage you to watch the entire 90 minute piece. You will remember because you cannot forget.

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