Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Brian Hart on the Pentagon and MRAPs

Brian Hart is the father of Army Private First Class John Hart who died in the early action of the Iraq War. Mr. Hart has been crusading for better protection for troops in Iraq since 2004.

At least that's how NECN's Jim Braude made the introduction last night. Here is a link to that interview.

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Rene Rivera said...

      I read an article entitled "Tragedy inspires maker of military robots" dated July 7th, 2008 on The story moved me to tears.

     There's a fictional Hero in American culture that was brought to mind after I had read the article. The Punisher's icon is adorned by many a Marine. Mr. Hart's contributions to our forces kind of make him very much like this hero, except where The Punisher's vigilante's tactics are often violent, Mr. Hart's contributions are fundamentally noble, as they serve to protect not only the lives of our troops, but the lives of potential onlookers in the midst of an explosive device.

     I contend that both father and son have earned themselves not only a special place in history, but in God's favor.