Monday, October 16, 2006

Remember These Our Young

bth: Here is a copy of the words I was honored to write and speak on behalf of between 350 and 500 Gold Star Family members from New England. We gathered on Sunday Oct 15 in Worcester's historic Mechanics Hall to dedicate an expansion of Worcester's Korean War Memorial to those killed in more recent wars. Our thanks to Mr. Frank Carroll for making this incredible event possible and our thanks to General Peter Pace and Sen. Kennedy among so many others that made this event a success. It was a humbling honor to speak on behalf of so many wonderful people.

Remember These, Our Young.
Worcester, October 15, 2006
By Brian T. Hart

We are here today because we’ve all heard “the knock” at the door, the knock that changed our lives forever. We’ve heard the solemn words, “We regret to inform you …”

We share the pain of a moment that we will never forget. We share a wound that never heals.

We, the families, are many now, but in this place, at this moment we are one in remembrance.

Remembrance is the purest form of prayer.

At the rising of the sun, we remember.
In the chill of winter, we remember.
In the rustling of the leaves of autumn,
In the trickle of the spring,
We remember, these our young.

Let us forget the things we should have said or done.
Help us stand up from the graves of our loved ones and brush off the soil on our souls.

Remember instead a smile, the kiss, the beauty of the sleeping child, the child we held close protected in our arms, remember the dignity of a soldier’s sacrifice.

We remember their names so that they will not have died in vain.
When we are weary and in need of strength, we remember.
When we are lost and sick at heart, we remember.

We know the cost of war.

Remembrance is only part of the obligation we owe the dead.

In our country little sacrifice is asked of most.
Help us to become a more giving nation.

Let us have courage to face the killing forces of our time.
Let us forsake fear and choose freedom.
Let us ignore words without meaning -- that divide and deceive.

Instead, let us yew from this great mountain of despair a small stone of hope.
A hope that we will yet create a better country –yet become a better people.

Give us the courage to use freedom so dearly purchased to do what is right.

Let us be a caring friend -- help bind the wounds of returning veterans -- help heal the heart of this great nation….

And bye and bye, in the quiet of the night, in the still of the moment, let us remember the goodness of their souls.

Let us, reaffirm that it is noble to give one’s life for another, and that our loved ones did this for us.



Mary said...

Hi Minstrel Boy, I get the impression that you're actually a Minstrel Man. I like your site very much and have favourited it.

DerryMary said...

Words cannot express my sorrow at the loss of your fine son and my appreciation for his sacrifice. My nephew survived Iraq and for that I am grateful, but I mourn each son and daughter who did not return. Blessings to you and your family and know that your son did not die in vain. May the end of 'knocks' such as yours be soon and final.